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Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Destination Easy Run…

Today (well all days) was a little tricky to fit in a run.  One of our boys had soccer at 7 am (yikes!) and my awesome husband offered to take him to that.  Perfect.  But I can’t leave the other three at home while I run for an hour.  No worries.  My husband had a race today after soccer.  One of those really cool, really dirty, really muddy Renegade Races.  I have yet to do one (really? mud in unmentionable places?  I need some time to warm up to that idea!) and here he is on his second or third one.  This time he did it with his dad and brother in law.  Of course they had a blast and it was a pretty nice day for it.  So, still no run in there for me…yet…

Our nephews were having a joint birthday party about an hour away.  My husband had a great idea for me to get my run in and it worked beautifully.  We’d leave the house 1/2 hour early.  We’d drive to the party destination and then back track 6 miles where he’d drop me off and off I’d start on my run.  Worked out swell!  (ha! swell! does anyone say that anymore?)

So… the Good:

- beautiful running weather, a tad cold but nothing my arm sleeves couldn’t help me cope with

- beautiful scenery

- pretty decent room on the side of the road

- kept a pretty good pace except for one darn hill that slowed me down… but oh well

- another hill brought back great memories of my RTB experience in September

- overall felt pretty good

the Bad:

- 40 paces into my run I realized I left my fuel belt in the car – aaaaaah!  I always, and I mean always, run with water.

- after a mile or so I decided I really needed my water so I tried using Siri but…

- i was running with the hubby’s iPhone because I couldn’t find my bluetooth headphones so needed to use his and….

- Siri was being ornery   So I had to stop running and call – but luckily my father in law was more than happy to bring me my water.  Aaaahhh… now I could look around me instead of worrying whether I could do 6 miles without even one sip of water! LOL

- my left hamstring is still giving me trouble

- I forgot to take into account that starting a run at 4 pm means it’ll get dark during said run.  Ooops!  Thankfully by mile 4 I really only saw maybe 10 cars the remaining 2 miles.  Although by 5 1/2 I was having a little trouble seeing anything!  No street lights on this run!

- oh and I forgot my heart rate monitor strap that I ALWAYS wear – oh well.

the Ugly:

- just that one hill… can’t really complain!

My “destination” run back where I grew up.


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