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Monthly Archives: April 2013

I’ve been Powered by Bits….I want you to be too!!

Some of you may or may not know that during my marathon training for Nashville (coming up this Saturday!) I became an ambassador for Energy Bits.  I did so because I tested their product for a while and loved it. (Read here for some more reasons why I love Energy Bits.)  Now I’m just about finished up this round of training and have more thoughts on why I love them:

1) I just plain feel better when I take them every day.  More alert.  More with it.  More energized.

2) I no longer take vitamin supplements.  Energy Bits have everything you need (except for D3) and their all natural and easily absorbed.  Plus, the body absorbs way more of the nutrients in Bits than supplements because they’re a natural food source.

3) Everyone I’ve shared the Energy Bits with have enjoyed them.  I’m serious.

4) I take Bits even on a rest day.

5) I love that I haven’t felt hungry on a single 20 mile run (and I’ve done 3 of them, plus ran 15.5 miles after teaching an hour SPIN class).

6) The clarity of mind has been refreshing.  (This isn’t to say I don’t sometimes get in my own head during a run.  I’m a runner. Of course I do from time to time.)

7) I can’t help but sound like a commercial for them when I talk to others about them.  Sorry about that.

8) I’ve figured out how to easily take them while continuing to run!

9) My overall fatigue level has drastically improved.  I know this is fact.  In January I had a goal to run 100 miles.  By mid January I was feeling exhausted every night.  This lasted for weeks.  I tried Energy Bits mid February I believe and can honestly say I haven’t dragged in the same way I did in January and I ran 133 miles in March (33 more than January!).  So do I believe Energy Bits helped me with this?  Absolutely.

10) And this one is more for women… you know you need more iron 12 times a year, right?  I’ve noticed a huge difference there as well!  Without getting in TMI mode… they help that too.  Email me with questions!

Okay, okay.  So I’ll stop sounding like a crazy advertisement and get to the good stuff!

ENERGYbits has agreed to give away another sample for one of you to try.  And I’m upping the ante and adding another sample of ENERGYbits from me AND a sample of RECOVERYbits!

So, up for grabs:

- 2 samples of ENERGYbits

- 1 sample of RECOVERYbits

- AND something fun I find at the Run Rock n Roll Expo in Nashville this weekend!

What do you have to do to win?

Leave a comment GUESSING MY FINISH TIME FOR MY MARATHON!  Because honestly, your guess is as good as mine! LOL

I’ve recapped all my training for you so you can look back at those to help you guess.


- Time must be guessed in hours:minutes:seconds.

- Comments must be received by 3 am EST Saturday morning (4/27).

- Person who comes closest without going over wins, in event of a tie –  the names will be placed in a hat (literally) and one winner will be drawn.

- Winner will be announced when I return from Nashville and am functioning again. :-)

Good Luck!

(Duffel bag not included in giveaway.)

(Duffel bag not included in giveaway.)

Final training for Nashville!

ok… total Reader’s Digest version of my last few weeks of training for the Rock n Roll Country Music Marathon coming up in just 4 days! AAAAAHHHHH!!

Monday, 4/1 – Yoga after a long weekend of workouts resulting in really tight leg muscles.

Tuesday, 4/2 – Taught strength and then did 4 miles (38 min) on the TM.  Unremarkable except legs feeling fatigued.  I need a rest day.

Wednesday, 4/3 – Ran 5 miles outside (44:51) - I wanted to do the 3 middle miles at tempo pace (8:30 just a touch slower than my 5K pace) but it took 2 miles for my legs to feel like running… so then miles 3 and 4 I did an 8:26 then a 7:54! It wasn’t easy and I didn’t quite realize I was at that pace! So i guess that’s all good news… right?!

Thursday, 4/4 – Taught FIT (Strength/Cardio Circuit) – tough and fun!

Friday, 4/5 – coached SPIN – Intervals Week 3 – whew!


A friend in class texted this to me after class. (Our class ends at 1!) Score 1 for the SPIN instructor! (me!) LOL


Saturday, 4/6 – A REST DAY, FINALLY!

Sunday, 4/7 – 19.25 miles (3hrs 14 min – my watch died at 18.90 miles! 10:04 pace) This was a good run up until 10 miles… then I started to fall apart unfortunately. Was supposed to do 20. Called it quits at 19.25 and hobbled home…. (Looking back, I fell apart mentally first, then physically, and I had a hard time getting back in the game.  If not for my friend G running with me, I think I would’ve called my husband at mile 17 to come pick me up.  Thanks G for pulling me through at the end!)

Monday, 4/8 – Another rest day… hooray!

Tuesday, 4/9 – Taught Strength followed by 3 easy treadmill miles (28:26) and chatted with a friend on the TM next to me.

Wednesday, 4/10 – legs were tired so another rest day today

Thursday, 4/11 – Taught Power Pilates – loved this workout!!   And did a NIGHT run of 5.3 miles with 6 other members of my Reach the Beach team.  Crazy, ridiculous fun!!!

Part of our upcoming Reach the Beach MA team heading out for a night run!

Part of our upcoming Reach the Beach MA team heading out for a night run!

A friend said we looked like construction workers when he drove by us.  Another said, coal miners.  LOL

A friend said we looked like construction workers when he drove by us. Another said, coal miners. LOL

Friday, 4/12 – Taught SPIN – Week 4 Intervals (Week 12 in a 13 week progression!)

Saturday, 4/13 – Rest

Sunday, 4/14 – Ran 20.8 miles (3:36:24) in the 26.4.26 relay marathon.  This was for the 26 victims of Newtown, CT.  Talk about moving.  I’ll do a separate post on this amazing event.

26426  26426signs

Monday, 4/15 – Let the TAPERING begin –  Rest day – that quickly became a heart wrenching day. So relieved my good friend, her husband (twice my long run running partner) G and their beautiful girls made it out of Boston physically unharmed.

Tuesday, 4/16 – Taught Strength (No run after teaching Strength today for the first time in a loooong time! Felt good, but weird!)

Wednesday, 4/17 – Outside taper run.  (4.72 mi in 49:21) This was a challenge.  Everything I read says all taper runs should be run mostly at 1 1/2 – 2 min slower than marathon pace!  I’m already slow! LOL  Each mile was SLOWER than the previous one.  That just seems so wrong!  My shins were burning on this run too.  Strange.

Thursday, 4/18 – Rest Friday, 4/19 – Taught SPIN – It was supposed to be Race Day.  We’ve been working for 3 straight months first building endurance, then strength in our legs, then our VO2 max and lactate threshold.  However, we all agreed that after Monday’s events nobody was emotionally/mentally ready to perform a true race day ride.  We did a high end endurance ride instead and that felt right. Saturday, 4/20 – Taught STEP.  Then had an amazing time watching my 9 year old daughter do her first 5K with her BFF!

Couldn't be prouder of my daughter for completing her first 5K!

Couldn’t be prouder of my daughter for completing her first 5K!

Sunday, 4/21 – an amazing 9 mile run with a friend.  Yes, it was all at marathon pace or under but the run just felt so good and so right.  We chatted a lot about Boston and all about running.  I could’ve gone another 1 1/2 hours I think!  Hopefully I feel this good in Nashville.  Unfortunately, I haven’t run in very warm temperatures and humidity has been non existent.  Nashville looks to be warm and quite humid.  Ugh!

Thank you friend for running with me at a much needed time.  #BOSTONSTRONG

Thank you friend for running with me at a much needed time. #BOSTONSTRONG

Monday, 4/22 – Rest

Tuesday, 4/23 – coached Strength.  It’s really hard not to do everything you’re coaching!!!  But I tried really hard not to push anything so I didn’t break down any more muscles.  It’s all about rebuilding and repairing muscles right now!  Also, an easy 2 mile run on the treadmill to keep the legs loose. (and 1/2 mile of walking on the TM)

And now just 4 days til the marathon…. deep breaths!

Some overdue Training Updates for RnR Nashville

Well, I started this post almost four weeks ago!!!  And am just now sitting down to finish it when there are several other things I need to be doing instead.  I know you all get that!  So… here’s a lot of recapping!  I’ve tried to keep it succinct.

What I started writing on 4/1/13:

Wow the weeks are flying by!  Just four more weeks til my first full marathon in 12+ years!!  Yikes!

Week D Recap:

Monday 3/25 – rested from my 20 miles on Saturday and 2 mile fastest run ever on Sunday!  I actually couldn’t believe how good my legs felt… I thought for sure stairs would be interesting and walking would feel like a workout but I felt great; just tired.

Tuesday 3/26 -Taught Strength (heavy weights in an interval style class).  Did a treadmill run of 4 miles in 37:13 and felt good.  I loved that the 4 miles felt easy peasy (I guess they should at this point, right?!)

Wednesday 3/27 – Yoga – I really think adding Yoga into my weekly routine the last five weeks or so is helping a TON with my nagging hamstring injury.  I’m thinking of doing Yoga on Monday’s as well instead of taking a full rest day.  Any of you not take a full rest day in your training plans?

Thursday 3/28 – Today was our first real SPRING-like day!!!  It was sooo great I couldn’t bring myself to get on the treadmill so I paid a sitter so I could get a run in outside!  It felt amazing.  It was a little bit of a tough run on the books: 2 miles easy, 4 miles between 5K  (8:30)and 10K (8:50) pace, then 2 miles easy.  Here’s what ended up really happening:

8 miler Speed vs Elevation

8 miler paces

So yes, I was pretty happy with this run!!

Friday 3/29 – Taught SPIN.  Week 2 Intervals in our Periodization training.  Felt tough but great at the same time.  See my playlist here:

interval playlist

Saturday 3/30 - Taught Step (such a great group of ladies!  They make me feel so good!!! LOL And I had a new music mix which was SUPER fun!) AND Taught Strength (another good group of people) – worked hard all over, but my arms were especially tired at the end.

Sunday 3/31 – Happy Easter! – Taught SPIN.  I tried to keep it low key for myself while still coaching a kick butt Interval class for them.  I think I succeeded.  They were grunting at times and sweatballs at the end and I had burned 300 calories and completely sweat through the front of my tank…. okay, maybe I should have taken it even easier! Oh well… then I headed home….
AND Ran 15.5 miles.  I have to say, I’m exhausted still as I type this Monday night!  I was pretty impressed with how well I did.  I started out with negative thoughts but feeling pretty good (well, besides my sore calves from step and abductors from strength the previous day!).  If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ve probably figured out by now that I tend to overthink things, especially when it comes to training for this marathon!  I considered not doing the run at all, I mean wasn’t teaching 3 classes over the weekend enough?  Then I thought about running 10 miles.  But then I know myself too well.  If I had done either of those two options I’d drown myself in “should I have?” thoughts…

15.5 mi

If I could do this pace for another 10 miles I’d be thrilled….


My little guy on the hunt!

My little guy on the hunt!

Checking out the contents of his Easter eggs!

My older guy checking out the contents of his Easter eggs!

easter humor

A Circuit Workout with minimal equipment

I don’t share all of my workouts on here for lots of reasons; mainly because you all have a ton of great ones out there already!  I’m sharing this one I taught this morning because (a) I enjoyed it (what fun is exercise if it’s not enjoyable?) (b) it requires very little equipment so anyone can do it virtually anywhere and (c) it kicked our butts, or rather, we kicked its butt!!  Report back and let me know if you do it and how it went!

Circuit Workout

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