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Our family Turkey Trot

At this rate it’ll be Christmas by the time this post goes live!  LOL  I had spotty wifi on vacation and it was a painfully looooooong process to get the half marathon recap up on my blog so I didn’t even try to get the Turkey Trot recap up!  And now that we’re back home, well you know how it is… BUSY!

So, here’s the quick abbreviated version!

My whole family participated in the 33rd Annual Turkey Trot in Cape Coral sponsored by the Ft Myers track club.


All winners in my book!

My husband and I ran the 5K.  I think I PR’ed it (and wasn’t trying to) – but again haven’t had a moment to check back in the archives! LOL  I was happy to place 18th out of 117 in my age group and 144 out of 943 women.  It’s not a top 3 but I’ll take it! (And the crowds, again I need to learn how to deal with the crowds… first mile waaay slower than miles 2 and 3! But I think that had something to do with getting the kinks out from the All Womens Half!)

Notice how I don’t show you my age group? ;)

Turkey Trot time – they said I was a second faster. ;) And I forgot my HRM strap – so don’t think those cals are accurate – at all!

My three older children ran the 1 miler… and my girls NEVER stopped to walk!  First time for my oldest to run the mile and NOT stop!  I ran with my son and he walked maybe 4 steps – total.  (Have to say, I was one proud momma when in the last half mile he was passing boys and girls older than he! And I’m not usually competitive – so I’m going to stick with “proud”!)

A shout out to my sister who got all 4 kids up and ready and met us for their 1 mile fun run. (So they didn’t have to stand around and wait for mom and dad to run! And so mom and dad could actually participate in an event together!)

And my youngest had a blast running the tot trot with the whole family!!!

Proud of my kiddos! Thankful for my sister’s help!

There was quite a large turnout for the run/walk and the fun run.  Maybe 2000?  I’d have to look on their web site. They had a great selection of food at the end… grapes, oranges, bananas, bagels, and plenty of water for everyone!  I do believe our family will be participating in this again!

Cool turkey hats! Hubby and I at finish. The start line. And the food tent.


And lastly, for a reason I don’t know….

It’s always nice to know there are plenty of port a potties at a race!


So there’s my super quick recap of the event.  Had a total blast with my family and obviously it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, I appreciate my healthy family and their willingness to participate in the sport of running!

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