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Yummy Veggie Sausage Dinner

So here’s a quick meal I made for myself last night.  So good. And easy.  If you don’t know me, then you don’t know that IREALLY don’t like to cook.  At all.  But this is easy and yummy!

I cut up some green and yellow peppers.  Threw them in a pan with some spaghetti sauce and the Italian Veggie Sausage.

Let those heat up slowly while I cooked up some pasta, then mixed them together.  Voila!  Easy!

This is a BIG portion. Half of this is VERY filling and dee-lish!

You, of course, could add other veggies to this such as zucchini, summer squash, etc  Make it your own!  Let me know if you end up making some and what you thought!

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