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Santa Shuffle…literally

This past Saturday was a nice treat for the training schedule.

Before I jump to the Santa Shuffle I just want to quickly mention the Toys for Tots SPIN(R) class I helped coach in the morning.  First off, LOVED it!  It’s such a fun tradition my Club does each year.  We host a 2 hour SPIN ride and members must sign up for it ahead of time.  Instructors have 1/2 hour “shifts” so the members are able to ride with 4 different instructors and in between coaching and riding ourselves we get to “wait” on them!  The club provides bananas, oranges, and water, so we walk around with a tray offering these bits of nutrition to the members as they ride!  I prefer to refill water bottles (less waste!) instead of handout new plastic ones so I tried to do that for everyone at least once as well.  All the members need to do is bring an unwrapped toy that the Club then donates to Toys for Tots.  Following the 2 hour ride members can participate in a 1 hour Strength class and a 1 hour Zumba class!  Again, with a different instructor every half hour!  I wasn’t able to stay much past the second shift of SPIN (I was the opener at 7:30 am!) but I’m sure the studio was PACKED!  Always a great time… kind of wish every ride had the energy of the Toys for Tots ride!!

So… jumping ahead to the Santa Shuffle…

I was able to take 3 of my 4 kiddos to the shuffle (one had indoor soccer).  Unfortunately, due to the weather (slippery roads with a little snow and slush still on them and 26*!) the kids fun run was short, like very short.  Like so short my 9 year old was upset. (Inside, I was beaming that she was upset and begging me to let her do the 3 miles with me!)  She hasn’t run over 1.17 miles thus far so I wasn’t going to let her attempt 3 miles with me just yet.  But they looked cute wearing their Santa hats and shuffling down the street – for about 10 seconds.  haha.

Waiting to run…

My 2nd oldest in white hat. Youngest at end… his shirt reads: Santa, I can explain… Ya. Sometimes he needs that shirt. ;)

The 3 mile course was so easy.  Nice and flat, out and back.  What made it so fun?  My running besties of course!  We all agreed ahead of time that we would literally “shuffle” during this race.  (Personally, I really wanted this as I coached a Race Day SPIN ride the day before and had taught the Toys for Tots ride that morning and have some pain in my leg leftover from last Sunday.)  And since we all agreed easily to shuffle along it was nice.  I got to chat with the ladies and catch up on their next running goals (NYC for Daisy in 2013?!  Fingers crossed!  NYC half for Amy in 2013?!  Gotta love the lottery system!) and just kind of mentally check out from the ‘run’ and enjoy the ‘run’ with each other.  It’s not often you actually run alongside your running friends so this was just perfect! (I actually haven’t run this pace for a loooong time and it felt a little too good!  LOL)

Here we are before and after… (Aren’t our Sweaty Bands cute?!?!)

Honest. We did just run 3 miles.

Not every day your name is listed near your running pals in the results!

On a side note, one of our girls from Van 2 Reach the Beach this year couldn’t make the shuffle but her son (also our van mate!) Lucas did.  Although we didn’t see him at this race he certainly KILLED IT! You go girl!!!  (LOL – Ya – if you’re the only guy in a Van full of women for 32 hours you become one of the “girls”!)

Awesome job Lucas!

So the moms reading this are probably wondering where my kids went while I shuffled along… shout out to my dad’s wife Eileen!  She braved the cold and three kiddos so I could have some fun with the girls.  THANK YOU!!! (Sometimes, we moms don’t like to ask for help.  Trust me, it’s okay to ask.  The “worst” that can happen is no one is available to help out and then you’ve just gained more time with the kids.  Either way is okay!  Just ask!)

Random cute dog – my daughter took the picture!

This race is one in the Millennium Running series.  They really do a GREAT job with their races!  We have participated in almost all their races at some point in time.  They are well organized, have great offerings after each race (even free massages after this 3 miler!), and have a fun atmosphere.  At this one there was water, Powerade, Portland Pie pizza (yum!), bananas, Stonyfield yogurt, and probably more I didn’t see!  The next one is the Millennium Mile on New Year’s Day.  Check it out!  Maybe we’ll see you there!

I appreciate working at a Club that hosts such fun events and the high energy the members brought to SPIN that morning at 7:30 am.  I also appreciate a fun run with great running friends!!  And I appreciate family helping out so everyone can be involved!

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