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My NEW Mizunos!

So, back on November 16th I was SUPER LUCKY to win a pair of Mizuno running shoes from RunMommaRun on Facebook. (I posted about how/why I won them here.)  I was super excited and had lots and lots of shoes to choose from… except the Wave Inspire 9s which happen to be on my Christmas list.  LOL  But ya know what?  That’s OKAY because now I’ll have 2 pairs of awesome Mizunos, provided Christmas yields the new sneakers for me!  No, I didn’t take the Wave Inspire 9s off my list because I still really want them!  Can one ever have enough shoes?

So, what did I choose for my freebies?  After MUCH research on the web and a few tweets to @SethMizuno I decided upon the Nirvanas.  One great resource is known as the “Mizuno Shoe Guy.”  I wonder who this is?  Is it really one guy?  Or maybe a woman answers the questions too?  Or maybe lots and lots of people! LOL No matter who it is, there’s a ton of info!  I was able to find out the sizing information I needed fairly easily.  I know I overpronate slightly.  I completely killed two pairs of Mizuno Wave Inspire 7s in the past (LOVE THEM!) but the 8s weren’t comfortable at all.  So the quest was on to find another great pair.

The Nirvana 8s looked like my next best (or maybe even better?!?!) option to the Wave Inspire 9s.  The color option was easy – they only had one choice for me!  LOL  But check them out in the pink/gray too – super cute!

I was BEYOND THRILLED when they showed up on my front porch last week!  I think the UPS driver (Pam) thought she was cute too when she left them under a small little Christmas tree we have by the front door!  LOL  It really was like getting an early Christmas gift!

Mizunos under the tree for me!


Of course it took all of about 3 seconds for me to take them out of the box and put them right on!

They felt great right out of the box!

So initially, I thought ‘uh oh’ because they were a little tight on the outer side of my right foot.  But literally within a minute of walking around the house with them that was feeling was GONE!  I wore them around the house for a while that day and didn’t want to take them off!  So at this point I knew if they didn’t turn out to be great for running they’d certainly be great for every day use.  Unfortunately that day I didn’t get to run.  (booo!)  I taught a HIIT class that night but wasn’t sure I should wear these, so I didn’t.

But the next day I had my Group Personal Training and we always run laps in between exercises so I put them right on!  They were AWESOME!  I know running sneakers aren’t made for lateral support but they performed well and I was psyched.  They went right into my suitcase as I headed for Florida that night.

Lucky me, I was able to wear my new Mizuno Nirvana 8s here for an easy 4 mile out and back run with a friend.

a Brilliant Run in the Sun!

And the next day we went for a bike ride to a nearby park, walked around the entire park, and cycled back home.  Although I didn’t get a picture of the shoes on this adventure I did snap a photo of this gator in the park!!

I spy with my little eye… a Gator in the Park! (see him sunning himself in the middle there?)

So, thank you Mizuno running for your Mezamashii project and giving everyone their Brilliant Run!  I’m looking forward to some runs this week in them for sure!  And thank you RunMommaRun for hosting the giveaway!

I appreciate a great company with not only a great product but a great spirit.

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