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I Survived the End of the World…

Oh wait, so did you or you wouldn’t be reading this!

First, I’ll tell you about the race.  Second, I’ll tell you how we made it work with our big family!  Why do I feel the need to explain how we make it work?  To encourage you to get your whole family active as well of course!

Race day was a chilly one (I think about 32*?), but thankfully a sunny one.  The race started at 11 am so we got there around 10:30.  We picked up our bibs and unfortunately 2 bibs were not only missing but they didn’t have one of my girl’s or my brother’s name on their list.  I had sent in all 6 registrations at the same time and paid with one check.  They gave my daughter a bib no problem.  However my brother came into the cafeteria a little later, didn’t realize I had paid for him and hence paid again.  Since the race was by donation only and they were selling long sleeved shirts for $10 I asked if he could have a shirt since we paid twice for him and was told no.  Didn’t love this part of the experience.  But again, it’s a small town race with I think only 150 participants so we let it go.

The race started just a few minutes past 11 am and after about 20 steps out of the parking lot we turned right and faced a hill smack dab in the face!  And let me tell you, this hill didn’t let up for 1.25 mile!  I knew it was a loop so I kept telling myself I’d get to go down the hill soon enough.  There was a water stop at mile 2 and shortly after that I needed to take off my headband and mittens.  I handed it to a young girl standing at a corner telling the runners which way to turn.  She didn’t say a word to me, just took my stuff and smiled at me.  I asked her if she could just bring it back to the cafeteria and I’d find it.  Lucky for me this cute girl found me later in the caf!  I thanked her profusely, gave her a hug, and she still just smiled.  Too cute.

Well, back to the course… there were two more small hills in the middle of the course and then we had this great downhill!  What took me 9:20 to run up took me 7:30 to run down!  I pushed it and that is evident in my heart rate!  Even though I was going downhill my heart rate was still high!  I finished under my 35 minute goal (which I changed to 36 minutes when I was told the course was very hilly) at 34:28 (and my Garmin told me I had run 3.97 miles).  So I was thrilled!  My brother and husband did awesome as well!

Course Profile

Course Profile

Heart Rate profile.  Notice my HR went down with the first downhill, but then stayed high during the long downhill at the end!

Heart Rate profile. Notice my HR went down with the first downhill, but then stayed high during the long downhill at the end!  I was giving it my all to beat 35 minutes!


So, while we ran the four miler, the kids did the one miler.  Well, I have to say I was disappointed that my oldest ended up walking the whole thing.  She complained her knees hurt.  I think she was just worried she wasn’t going to run it as well as she had said multiple times she wanted to (under 10 minutes) do so, so made an excuse and walked.  But, oh well.  At least she participated.  My 5 year old walked only about 30 seconds and my daughter decided to run with her brother and our sitter instead of running ahead of all of them like we know she can!  They all have another one miler coming up on 1/1 and I’ll run it with them this time!

Quite the group shot! LOL

Quite the group shot! LOL

I wish I had taken a picture of the spread at the end of the race!  They certainly did it up right!  Bananas, orange slices, kiwi halves (yum!  I wish more races had kiwis at the end!), granola bars of all kinds, chocolate cake, red velvet cake, cookies, and plenty of water! They also gave every participant a free raffle ticket and had oodles and oodles of prizes that they gave away.  Here’s what we walked away with!  The kids were thrilled to get so many rubber ducks! lol

Lots of prizes given away!

Lots of prizes given away!

So, all in all it was a fun, small town race with a few glitches.  The race wasn’t done by chip and the course was just shy of the 4 miles, but it had a great vibe with lots of fun people.  Apparently this school does other races using this same 4 mile course.  I think we would do it again if it fit our schedule!  Actually, I think there’s one on February 3rd but we have a lot going on that day already so we won’t be there.

My husband found this small town 4 mile race with a witty name “I Survived the End of the World 4 miler” and because it also had a one mile fun run we worked hard to make this race work for our family.  My brother was coming up for Christmas and so of course I asked him to run it with us and of course he said yes.  What made it a little tricky was they ran the two races (four miler and one miler) simultaneously.  So if we both wanted to run the race we needed to find someone to run the one miler with the older kids.  Lucky for us our long term babysitter was home from college and willingly said yes to running with them.  Then we needed to find someone to watch the youngest child and my dad’s wife immediately said yes to hanging out with him. Turns out my dad hung out too!  So the kids had a blast hanging out with Grampa, Grammie, and our great sitter!

I certainly appreciate the efforts of the school to coordinate this race and of course the efforts of our family and sitter to run with/ watch the kids for us to be able to run!

Lots of good gear here!

Lots of good gear here!

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