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A Sunday SPIN

Today started very early with a 7:30 am SPIN class!  My club has been remodeling in its entirety for some months now so our SPIN bikes were moved a few days ago from the SPIN room to the Studio.  With that, class times/offerings have been altered slightly (yet almost all classes both in the studio and on the bikes remained!) so an hour earlier was on the calendar for today.  (I’m not a morning person.  At all.)  Yet it was great!   I led a super fun 50 minute Interval class with lots of pick ups both on hills and flats.  It was tough but felt great…until around noon.  Then I remembered my 6 mile run yesterday at 4 pm and realized I didn’t have a whole lot of rest in between workouts!  LOL  My legs were all too happy in reminding me.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is a rest day (well rest from working out, the kids don’t have school so there won’t be much rest actually happening!).

Six more days until my next half marathon.  I’m hoping for a few more rest days this week!

Interval SPIN class. Forgot to shut it off for a few minutes after cool down… a common occurrence for me!

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