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Race #1 of 2 of the New Year for us!

Happy New Year everyone!  For those of you with kids in school,  I hope you had a great school vacation and enjoyed some family time!  We were lucky to end our vacation with fun and fitness for the whole family!

First, my husband and I, along with my sister in law and father in law headed down to the 1st Run in Lowell.  I ran the 10K while the others ran the 5K.  I had two girlfriends (and one of their husbands, same group from the Santa Shuffle) running the 10K as well.  Always nice to know other runners at a race!

Friends and Family

Friends and Family

We got down there with almost no time to spare.  (Yikes!)  Took a little longer to drive there than expected and then the traffic was a little heavy. But, we got there with just enough time to hit the port a potty, get the bib pinned on, and stand still for the National Anthem.  I didn’t make it into the corral so I had to stand outside the gate for just a bit and weasel my way in once the gun went off.  I was scanning for my two friends but never did find them ’til the very end of the race.  My husband and SIL and FIL were the last ones to cross the start line from what I understand!

I passed the start line a little after a minute, I made sure I looked at their clock because I had read online that they would have clocks every mile!  I was going to use that to my advantage for sure!  I had made a goal in my head of 56:00 or lower a week ago after reviewing my training.  Unfortunately I rolled my foot pretty good just three days before this race during a run on a small chunk of ice so I wasn’t sure how I was going to fare.  I had done the whole Rest, Ice, and Elevation thing for three days (just no Compression to complete the R.I.C.E acronym – I foresee a pair of proCompression socks in my immediate future!) along with lots of ibuprofen so I was hopeful all was not lost and kind of let go of the 56:00 and under goal and changed it to “just finish.”

The course started out pretty easy.  I have to say the “hills” on this course I would barely say were hills so that was nice.  Of course we started out FREEEEEZZZING and then after 1/4 mile I thought maybe I had on one too many layers!  I think that was just a warm spot in the course though because after unzipping the top layer just a bit to let some air on my neck and after passing the one mile mark I was totally comfortable. I noticed a clock at mile two (don’t think there was one at mile one?) and it was just about 19:00.  Knowing I’d started a minute after gun time I was psyched because this meant I was right on track with my 9:00 mile pace AND the BEST news was my foot was feeling pretty darn good! Not 100% but maybe 95%!!  So I decided to grab my 56:00 goal again and go for it.

At mile three the clock said 28:15.  Hmph.  I hadn’t paid attention to the seconds at the start, so I decided I needed to step it up a bit to make those seconds up!  I didn’t see my split time but the web site says 29:21.  So, subtracting a minute, that appears about right.

Randomly Amy noticed that the four of us standing there were wearing Mizunos. My FIL was too but he had already headed inside.

The 10K was just another loop of the 5K.  Now going into this, I am not a runner who likes repeating loops.  At. All.  Do you ever get over this?  I also am not a fan of out and back courses!  I like to run different roads throughout the whole course!  I find it mentally difficult to run a loop knowing I have to do it again before I’m done!  Thankfully, my mind didn’t take over and start in on some negative rant about how much repeating loops stinks!!  I decided the course was going to be easier, I knew what I had to do, what grades I was running, and I wouldn’t have so many people to deal with! (200o runners I think is what I heard).  Speaking of so many people, I have to say I calmed WAY down about getting through “people traffic” since my terrible experience at the All Women’s Half and it definitely paid off!  Hopefully I can do this in future races!

So, without chatting it up too much more…
The downfalls of the second loop:

- less people meant more wind and that last mile was right along a river and it was a VERY strong headwind!
- my foot started aching a bit around mile 5

The great things about the second loop:

- a nice guy said to me “you make this look easy” around mile 4.  Although nice to hear he easily passed me and continued to chat with others as he passed them! LOL
- I knew the roads now so I knew when I could pick it up and when I needed to ease up.
- I spied one of my friends ahead of me so made it a goal to catch up to her during those terrible head winds, I did and then she told me…
- our other friend was ahead so go on ahead… so I did.  I never did catch our other friend but she was just a few seconds ahead of me at the finish!
- my husband, sister in law, and father in law were all waiting for me at the finish!  What troopers they were standing in the cold after they had finished their race… sweat and cold weather aren’t really a great combination!
- I had a NEGATIVE SPLIT!!!  Woohoo!!!

My Garmin said I ran 6.31, Amy's said 6.34.  Hmmm...

I can’t say much about the after race festivities… because… well… there wasn’t much.  It was quite a small venue for so many runners.  I’m guessing not many of the 2000 stayed.

Inside, after the race...

Inside, after the race…it was HOT and smelly.

There wasn’t any bottled water or Powerade or Gatorade.  No bananas.  No pizza.  They had some soups in small crockpots and some hairy looking pasta with broccoli and some small boxes of granola.  I grabbed a granola, my sister in law grabbed some soup.

Post Race Band

One last pic with my SIL... showing off our Sweatybands! Love that black sparkly one!

One last pic with my SIL… showing off our Sweatybands! Love that black sparkly one! (Like how my FIL crashed the pic!)


We gathered our stuff from coat check and headed out to… our next race! I’ll put that up in a separate post soon!

I’m so appreciative for my healthy friends and family who are always game to run a race, encourage one another, and have fun together!

So, how did you start out your new year?

And how do you deal with races that repeat the same loop?


Miles 1-3:   Miles 4-6:

Miles 1-3: 27:05 Miles 4-6: 26:00


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