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Race #2 of 2 of the New Year for us!

So… after the 1st Run Lowell 5K/10K race we headed back home, grabbed my four kids and my SIL’s youngest two kids, and my mother in law and headed to the Millennium Mile race right here in town!

Here’s most of the runners (how come I didn’t get a picture of my dad’s wife running her FIRST race ever AND meeting her goal??!!).

A Family Full of Runners!

A Family Full of (cold) Runners!

The Millennium Mile is such a great race.  Besides it being a certified one mile DOWNHILL race, it is such a great family fun atmosphere.  Yes, there were some fantastic runners there (the top two finishers were 4:05 and 4:06 I think!) but there were also walkers, strollers, and plenty of kids!!

The three “parents” in the picture split up.  My husband took our 5 year old and our 6 year old nephew with him, my sister in law took my girls and her daughter, and I got our youngest.  From reading that it sounds like I got the easy way out with only one kiddo… well, not if you realize that after about 6 jogging steps and 30 walking steps my son decided he no longer wanted to do this race.  <sigh> So, this is how I “ran” 7/8 of the mile!

Where's my free ride?

Where’s my free ride?  Hey, how come everyone else is facing the other way? Oh that’s right, they were DONE and walking back already!


I really can't believe I'm still smiling!  This kid is HEAVY!!!  (Three days later and my shoulders are still sore!!!)

I really can’t believe I’m still smiling! This kid is HEAVY!!! (Three days later and my shoulders are still sore!!!)

So, the great news is it’s a downhill one mile course.  The not so great news is all the after race festivities are back at the start!  So, my husband put the youngest on his shoulders and I carried the 5 year old on my hip (he was complaining his new sneakers hurt his feet) and we walked back up the hill.  Yes, they did have buses to take people back to the start.  But that’s just not how we roll!  LOL  I’d much rather get another mile workout then wait for a bus!


Millennium Racing knows how to have a post race party! (You may remember me mentioning that from the Santa Shuffle.) There was great pizza from Portland Pie, pulled pork from “The Farm” restaurant, bottled water, Powerade, and I’m sure tons more I didn’t need to check out!  And this for just a one mile race!  Pretty sweet.  Millennium Running has a whole race series… if you’re interested check it out here. (No, I didn’t get paid for mentioning that!)


I forgot to snap some pics inside of all the awards given and festivities (hey, I’d just done a 10K with a PR that morning, then ran another mile with an additional 40 lbs on my shoulders and then walked uphill carrying 45 lbs… I needed to sit… and eat! I have my priorities!!!)

But one more picture of my girls and their cousin, who ran the race together and finished in exactly 10 minutes!



I’m so appreciative to live in such a great town with so many active friends and families! (Yes! We had lots of friends from town also participating in this race!) I appreciate my children’s health and that my older three ran the entire mile.  I appreciate my husband taking care of himself and actually enjoying running as well! And I appreciate a good post race party when I see one! ;-)

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