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Personal Training… in the future…

Rest Day Ramble

Today was the first step in a long process of becoming a Personal Trainer.  I met with the Head Trainer/Manager at our Health club (where I’m currently a group fitness/SPIN instructor) today to discuss the process of becoming a Personal Trainer.  I’m very excited to take on this next step in the fitness industry.  I won’t be starting shadowing other trainers until January but until then I’ll be doing some research into the field and some of the industry leaders like Gray Cook, Eric Beard, and more.  Do you have any favorite Personal Training web sites/blogs you follow?  Books you love?  If so, please share!  I’d like to read all points of view on personal/group training as well as working with all types of clientele from youth athletes to the older population to everyone in between just getting started or coming off of an injury.  Pretty intriguing stuff!

Hope your day was a great one!

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