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Strength and Rehab

Every Tuesday I teach a strength class at the club.  I so enjoy this class and the ladies (and occasional gentleman) who attend.  We had 18(!)attendees yesterday and had a fabulous workout with the stability ball, some heavy weights, and a mat.  That’s it.  That’s all we needed yesterday!  I’ve had a few requests for MORE CORE work so I was happy to oblige this week before my next half marathon on Sunday.  (Less leg work? Yes please!)  Love the push ups and the pullins using the stability ball!  There are a couple different variations to the pullins… this week I used this variation:

(picture courtesy of somewhere out in the world wide web!)

Another great variation is lifting your gluts higher:

(photo taken from fitvillains web site)

Either way, they’re a great exercise!

No cardio for me today.  Typically I get in a Tuesday morning treadmill run immediately following Strength but the schedules have changed in our home once again so no cardio.  That’s okay.


In the afternoon I had my physical therapy.  I’ve had this nagging (and by nagging, I mean worse than your grandmother’s nagging about you don’t call or visit her more often) hamstring/adductor “injury”.  Of course after last week’s HILLY Half Marathon it was screaming at me.  So I headed back to therapy.  (Background:  I felt a little “pop” while running up a LARGE hill at 3 am September of 2011!! (Heard of the Reach the Beach relay??!!) Oddly enough, the true pain didn’t present itself until 3 weeks later AFTER a nice and flat half marathon.  And it’s been nagging ever since.  Anyway, I’m digressing…)

PT consisted of some Graston (R) torture… errr.. I mean therapy… on the adductors with Karin.

Seriously – do these tools look like they’d do ANYTHING good for you??!!  LOL

Regardless of the ginormous bruise I garnered from my last session, I’m so, so fortunate to be working with her (and her husband!).  I know I’m in good hands with the two of them.  Karin is an established triathlete (um ya, she just competed in New Zealand, finished 11th in her age group with FIVE minutes spent OFF her bike due to tire issues – she kinda rocks!).  You can see the Team USA roster here.  Anyway, a few eccentric exercises, some stretching and some tape and I’m outta there…. ’til Thursday. ;-)

I appreciate my physical therapists who encourage me to keep doing what I love (working out) with a few modifications, additions and deletions here and there.

And I appreciate the opportunity to strength train with some great ladies every Tuesday morning!


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