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Endurance Rides ROCK!

Tonight I subbed for someone and taught a 6:45 pm SPIN class.  As I was ready for a nap at 2 pm today I was wondering how the class would go tonight!!  Would I have enough energy for me to ride effectively, and even more importantly, have enough energy to share with them?  You bet I did.  It’s amazing to me, every time, how as soon as the music comes on (started with “One More Night” by dreamy Adam Levine… oh I mean … Maroon5) and you get pedaling and you watch your heart rate go up on your Garmin how everything just feels RIGHT.  No more feeling tired and dragging.  Just pick it up and go.  Knowing the late timing of the class would be different for me I planned our ride profile so we pedaled to the beat of the music nearly the entire time.  I love this style of teaching. (I know it’s not for everyone and excludes some songs…) It pumps me up.  The music gives me energy and I can then transfer that energy to the riders in the room.

“One More Night”, when pedaled to the beat (i.e. if you count the beats in sets of 8 (watch this video if you don’t know what I mean) and your right foot comes up (or down) every beat (1,2,3,4,etc) then you are pedaling at 93 rpm.  A great warm-up cadence.  This is how we started tonight.  LOVE it.  I knew it was the right song choice when it came on XM radio on my way to the gym!

At the end of the ride a student came up and asked me about the last song to which we climbed.  Her comment: “Loved it, it sounded like a remix or something and just made me want to the climb the hill.”  PERFECT!  Every instructor’s dream – that we have inspired someone to move/give just that much more AND they want to own the song themselves to KEEP moving in their other workouts!!!  I know, I know… you just want to know which song it was.  I’ll tell you… Stone in my Heart by Graffiti6.  Now this song gives me a good chance to talk about pedaling to the down beat.  For this song, if you tried to have your right foot come up on EVERY beat (1,2,3,4,etc) you would look ridiculous not to mention be pedaling out of control and waaaaaay faster than any cyclist would ever recommend! LOL  BUT, if you pedal to the down beat you would look super cool and be right at 72 rpm.  So, what does that mean? Well it means you pick a foot (let’s say the right one) and your knee would either come up or down on the ODD beats (1,3,5,7) instead of every beat like with “One More Night.”  If this isn’t making sense, watch this video to find the down beat… maybe it’ll help… maybe you’ll just get to hear the cool swagger in Jim’s voice.  Either way, you’ll have heard something new.  LOL

So, you might be wondering how can you determine the actual bpm (beats per minute) of a song.  Well that’s easy.  Simply go to this web site and start pushing any button on your keyboard on every beat (1,2,3,4,5,etc) and after about 32 counts you’ll have yourself a bpm which you can then translate directly to an rpm.

Clear as mud?!  Feel free to email me, tweet me, or leave a comment here with any questions!

I soooo appreciate music that makes me want to move!  Here’s to finding the songs that MAKE YOU WANT TO MOVE!

Hey, I’m curious. What are some songs that make you want to move?

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