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A Spin Playlist and a few notes about Endurance training

Yesterday’s SPIN class was week 4 of a 12 week progression to get us to a “Race Day” ride.  Week 4 ends our focus on Endurance training.  What is “endurance training?” Well, in a quick tiny nutshell (ya right, you know I like to talk!) it’s the building up of your aerobic capacity and by working it harder and longer you are pushing the boundaries of when your body switches to its anaerobic fueling strategy.  Why would one want to do this? Let me count the ways!  No? Okay.  Just a few GOOD reasons for today then. 1) Increase your body’s ability to reach for its fat stores for fuel first (before the stored glycogen (sugars). 2) Increasing the amount of time your body can work in its aerobic state before switching to anaerobic metabolic processes means you can work harder, longer, more efficiently, and over time at a lower heart rate. 3)(How about an easy reason?) You build up your immunity system when staying in your aerobic/endurance zone for longer periods of time.  Okay, there are MANY more reasons but that wasn’t where I wanted this post to go…. LOL

The SPIN profile/playlist…

During Bike Set Up/ Members Coming in…

Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons
The Biggest Mistake by The Secret State feat Akon & B.O.B

Warm Up

Sweeter by Gavin McGraw (92 rpm)
What I Got by Sublime (96 rpm)
At this point I’ve asked them to ride these flats and turn the resistance up gradually hopefully ending at a 75% heart rate.  Now the trick is to NEVER dip below this HR for the remainder of the ride. Remember, this is week 4, we’ve been working up to this.

Working Portion

Thank You by MKTO (126/2 = 63 rpm) (not a heavy hill staying seated the whole time)
Instanbul (Not Constantinople) by Milan & Phoenix (128/2 = 64 rpm) (standing climb but no increase in resistance – don’t let the HR go over 80%. If it does go over 80%, sit down and climb it.)
Mermaid by Train (105 rpm) Just sit, remove resistance, and ride this brisk pace. For the rest of this ride you should be “uncomfortably comfortable.”
Carry On by Fun (106 rpm) Play with your resistance.  Add? Remove? Your choice… you know where your heart rate needs to be (between 75 AND 80% of max HR) so you ride it.  These quick paces can be hard … mentally push through it.
Don’t Stop the Party – Pitbull (63 rpm) Back on your hill.  Play with it. Sit for 30 sec, add a touch of resistance and stand in position 2 for 20 sec, out to position 3 for 20 sec, sit for 20 sec, repeat two more times.
Feel This Moment by Christina Aguilera & Pitbull (68 rpm) Sit and climb.  Watch the HR.
Man Like That by Gin Wigmore (103 rpm) Love the energy of this song (that apparently is in a Guinness commercial?!)  Just like before… embrace the flat, your heart rate should not drop below 75% – how could it when you’re pedaling a meaningful flat at 103 rpm!  Become aware of your pedal stroke – about 30 secs into the song use the Right leg only for 20 secs, then the Left leg only for 20 secs, then even out your pedal stroke again.  Feel a difference?  Feels easier now, right? Can you add a touch of resistance without losing your cadence?  Push through…
The Foxhunter by Celtic Woman (starts out 110 rpm then drops to 65 rpm) take a tiny bit of resistance off at the beginning of this song, ride it out, add resistance to get on a moderate hill when the cadence changes.
Eyes Like Yours by Shakira (127/2 = 63.5 rpm) last hill … remember it is never a grueling hill.  One that makes you work and keeps your HR in that 75%-80% range.  Stand in position 3 if you’re able to do so and keep HR in the range.  Otherwise, sit and climb til the end.
Say Hey (I Love You) by All Rebel Rockers (93 rpm) Bring that heart rate down slowly… enjoy a nice flat for a couple minutes and then begin your cooldown in the middle of this song.

Cool Down

Take You to Rio from the Rio movie soundtrack
Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri


At the end of this ride you should not feel totally spent.  You worked very hard but never sprinted or went all out on a flat or a heavy climb.  What should you feel? Energized! A little tired.  And ready to go again! (tomorrow)

Enjoy the playlist and the ride!!



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