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It’s Ramp Up time!

Are runners crazy? I think we all can agree that answer is YES.


1) I text a friend mid afternoon asking her to run 13 miles with me THAT night so I can make my (unwritten) goal of running 100 miles in January. Here’s a quick snippet of how it played out:

kerin 1

Some more talk of logistics and timing and then less than 20 minutes after I’ve asked her…

kerin 2

Ya, that’s how we runners roll!

Click HERE to see how the run went.

2) Getting up at 5 am to PURPOSELY do this to yourself:

Hill Repeats

Hill Repeats

3) Knowingly running in this weather:

10 miles after teaching SPIN

10 miles after teaching SPIN

Those are just a few of the many reasons people think we runners are crazy. Maybe they’re right.  Maybe they don’t know what they’re missing!

So… why am I talking about being crazy?  Well, because I’ve decided to run a race… next month… the longest distance I’ve run since having all my kids. What is it? Eastern States 20 Miler!!  Okay, I know I only have a few weeks.  I know I’m not exactly properly trained for it.  But what I do know is:

  1. I will work my butt off to make it happen.  Even if it means getting up at 5 am and running in “Feels Like” 6* weather.
  2. I will NOT race it; I WILL run it
  3. I will challenge myself.
  4. I will power myself with Energybits.
  5. I will have family and friends support in getting my training done.
  6. I will be wearing Mizunos.
  7. And remember Kerin from “Crazy Point #1 above?”kerin 3 kerin 4Hehehe.  Yep, she’ll run it with me! I will say, I haven’t signed up yet.  I’m waiting to see how my next two long runs go and then I’ll make the ultimate commitment.

Regardless, I will DEFINITELY be running the Wallis Sands Half Marathon.  I’ve never done this one before but have heard great things about it.  Normally I’m not a huge fan of flat courses, I find them more difficult for some reason.  Maybe it’s the monotony, maybe it’s that my muscles don’t get to work in slightly different ways like they do on rolling terrain, maybe it’s all in my head.  (Well… we runners are crazy, right?!) But I’m definitely willing to give it a shot!

And thankfully there are others  know running it as well!  My sister in law (yup, you see her in some of those pictures that scroll above) and of course Kerin will be running it.  A few more might sign up as well (sign up soon!).  This race I’d really like to break 2:00.  Fingers crossed and training plan in place.

So, yup, I’m ramping it up and happy to do so!

I appreciate that ALL runners are crazy and don’t think twice when asked to run at strange hours of the night…


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2 Responses to It’s Ramp Up time!

  • Kerin says:

    Ha! Sometimes it takes some outside influence… good or bad… to gain that extra motivation. No one should ever feel like we “crazy runners” should ever have to go at this alone. We are a unique breed for a reason. Always ask that friend to join you. What’s the worse that can happen? Either they can’t make it… this time… Or they can. It is nice to sometimes think of our runs as fun and exciting and CRAZY. It doesn’t feel like a workout when it’s that much fun. And it always is… with Katherine!

    • Katherine says:

      Awwww… you’re sweet. I agree Kerin – running with friends is always more fun and man do the miles go by faster (even if the pace is slower b/c of the chatting!).

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