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Why I chose ENERGYbits

3/14 Edited to add:  Our winner chosen by is Jeremy!  Congrats and enjoy your bits!  I certainly hope you love them and find a difference in your training with them.

Thank you everyone for entering!

So, you may have seen I am now a brand ambassador for ENERGYbits.  What does this mean? Well for me it means:

1) I loved what they’re made of and how they’re made…

(a) they’re all natural

(b) they harvest real spirulina algae in fresh water tanks – no genetic altering

(c) loaded with protein – important as a vegetarian – 64% protein per tab! (More than a steak!)

(d) Spirulina has 58x more iron than spinach, 28x more iron than raw beef liver, the two other best sources.

(e) and tons more vitamins and minerals!  (Their web site has tons of info – well worth the trip over there.)

(f) They are NOT a supplement.  They are a natural FOOD source packed with nutrition.

got allgae

2) I tried them several ways and was impressed with each use.

(a) Before a run that started with a 5 am wake up and 1.75 mi warm up, 8 hill repeats, and a 1.75 mi cool down for a total of 5.5 miles.  I couldn’t believe how awake I was for this whole run.  I do not drink coffee or drink caffeine and am NOT a morning person.  So to actually not feel groggy during a 5:30 am run was incredible.

(b) At 4 pm – you know – that time of day when all you want to do is curl up under the covers and take a nap, but the kids come home from school and you’re off and running.  Again, I have to say the clarity of mind and the feeling of being more “awake” after consuming the algae tabs is really quite awesome.  There were no jitters, no upset stomach, nothing like that.  I just felt more “there” – does that sound crazy? LOL

(c) Before a long run – not only do EnergyBits provide energy but they also make you feel full.  Ever go on a long run and mid way start to get hungry and know there’s nothing you can do about it?  Didn’t happen with the bits.  Admittedly, this doesn’t happen on every long run of mine, but it has when I haven’t fueled properly.  I can tell you the EnergyBits definitely satisfy a hunger craving.  A long run with increased energy, clarity of mind, and feeling full the whole way through?  Yes please!!!

3) How do you take them?  Well, you could chew them, but I don’t.  They smell… like algae so I’m sure they taste like algae too.  Yuk.  I take them with water.  Easy.   It’s recommended to take 30 at a time.  I did.  It’s easy.

4)  Jonathan from EnergyBits sent me the sample free to try.  I tried them several times over, asked him a ton of questions through Twitter and email, read the literature he sent and online, ordered a bag of my own, then decided to fill out the Brand Ambassador application.

5) I was accepted and am able to give you a 30% discount on any of their healthybits!  I do not get paid to talk about their products.  I was not compensated in any way for reviewing these.  WANT TO BE POWERED BY BITS? USE CODE ‘APPRECFITNESS’ at BITSOFHEALTH.COM TO GET 30% OFF!!

6) I have a FREE SAMPLE (courtesy of EnergyBits) to give away to one of you!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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9 Responses to Why I chose ENERGYbits

  • meaghan kuczarski says:

    I am dying to try energy bits!!!! I need more energy!

  • Jeremy says:

    Great review! Will have to try these for early morning runs that I just can’t get motivated for.

  • I”ve been dying to try these. I want to win!

  • Mmmm, algae. I wouldn’t mind trying these, as odd as they sound. There are so many interesting foods out there! I don’t think I will be giving up coffee though.

  • Miranda says:

    A friend told me about these and I would love to try them! I’d love to kick my morning coffee habit but I get so groggy when I try :/

  • Kate says:

    I’ve never tried them – they sound awesome!

  • Kim Perry says:

    I’m dying to try them before my half marathon in 3 weeks!

  • Paul says:

    OK, that’s it! I’ve been nursing this cold for 2 weeks now and after taking 3 days off running, I have got to try something different. I just ordered a bag each of recovery & energybits. Woohoo! Thanks for saving me like 70 bucks with your code. I was surprised that shipping is $20 though… must be heavy stuff!

    Can’t wait to try ‘em

    • Katherine says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your cold Paul! Totally stinks being sick! I am SOOOO happy to share the 30% off code with you!! I was so excited to find these myself that I had to share them with everyone with the biggest discount I could give! (sorry about the s/h) But I do think you’re going to love them and notice a definite change in your overall “being”. Might sound corny but I think you’ll understand once you take some! PLEASE let me know how your experiences go with them!!!

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