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Why, yes, yes I am scared…

Most of us have heard this before…

Dream Big.

source: Pinterest

So, if this is in fact true, then my current dream is certainly big enough!!

What is my current dream?  (Thanks for asking!) The Rock n Roll Country Music Marathon in Nashville on April 27th!

So, this might be a case of setting my dreams TOO BIG …

I will dream BIG

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How did I get to these BIG DREAM?? You see, I had signed up for the Wallis Sands Half Marathon on 4/28 and was well on my way training for that when I decided to add the Eastern States 20 miler (3/24) to the mix.  Originally I said to myself “Let’s see how 20 miles feels; if it feels good then I’ll consider a full for fall.  And in the process maybe I’ll break my 2 hour goal for the Half Marathon in April.”  (Come on, you know you have hours on the pavement and treadmill to talk to yourself!)

Well, when I finished 16 miles relatively comfortably I thought “maybe I should re-evaluate.”  Since I’m already getting the miles up to 20, why not continue on the way to the full?  I mean, these long runs take a LOT of time.  My kids are busy, but in the fall they’re even busier.  I don’t know how I would fit in the long runs between soccer, swim, gymnastics, etc!

So now my goals have shifted…

Dream big!


source: Pinterest

I will work on completing the full next month! (gulp!) And then I will work on my sub 2 hour half marathon in the fall!

In between there I will have a BLAST at the Reach the Beach relay and maybe enjoy some down time in June. ;-)

For now, I will focus on the FULL marathon and I will take it seriously… but maybe not too seriously in terms of time.  That’s something I still need to work out in my head… time goal or not?  I know myself too well though… I could say “oh I just want to finish” but on the inside beat myself up if I can’t finish in a time I secretly set for myself!  So, I’m not going to put a time out there… yet.  Let me see how 18 miles goes this weekend (yikes!) and then I’ll re-evaluate again.

So, why am I scared?  Let me count the ways…

1) It’s a FULL marathon – need I say more?

2) I haven’t done a full in almost 13 years!

3) My last full was before I had four children.

4) I’ve had a recurring, nagging hamstring issue for a year and a half.  The more miles I add, the more it seems to ache.

5) It’s 26.2 miles!

6) We have busy schedules… will I be able to get the proper training done?

We Dream Big!

source: Pinterest

And finally, I leave you with this quote.  ”Take Your Dreams Seriously.”  Don’t worry.  I will.

Do you have any advice for this scared running momma??  I’d love to hear it! Leave me a comment!!




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2 Responses to Why, yes, yes I am scared…

  • Congrats on making such a big committment! I know you will rock that full. I hate that you’re going to be so close to me and I won’t get to meet you :(

  • I’m with you…scared! But a wise person told me once – run each run one at a time. Don’t look ahead. Concentrate on the task at hand. Get through your 18 miler and then move on. I’ve got my first 20 miler in the morning. Eeeekk! Best of luck to you!

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