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Tuesday Totals…

Okay, so it won’t be Tuesday here when this posts, but it’ll still be Tuesday somewhere!  LOL

So here’s a recap of Marathon Training week…. ummm… let’s just say “B”.  Because I just officially signed up for it last week!  But I have been training (with my 2o miler in mind) so it’s not like I’m starting from zero.  (Runners are crazy, but not THAT crazy!)

So, I actually did post my vacation week training that started with a 12 miler and ended with a 14 miler…. so we can consider that “A”.  I won’t bore you with the week in between… so we’ll call this week “B” and take it from there!

Monday, 3/11 – totally rested – I was tired from my 16 miler the day before!

Chilling out in bed, watching some TV.

Chilling out in bed, watching some TV.

Tuesday, 3/12 – Taught my Strength class - I loved today’s format: 4 exercises for 35 seconds followed by a 25 sec “rest” but in that 25 sec three push-ups (any style) needed to be done. This left them anywhere from 10-15 sec to recover before the next exercise started! Four rounds, four exercises each, (repeated twice) meant 98 push-ups there… not to mention the set of push-ups with a high five to their partner I had them do!  I seem to be throwing cardio blasts at them too and they LOVE it!  As do I!
- Ran on TM - 4 miles – 38 min – shaking out the legs… (I hesitate to call it a recovery run because it certainly wasn’t done at a recovery pace.)

Wednesday, 3/13 – TM hill repeats – 4.5 miles – 47:10 – included a 1.5 mi warm up, followed by eight 1 minute hill repeats.  (6% incline 6.6 mph, last one 6.7 mph) First 4 hills, changed incline 1st, then speed. Reverse order last 4 hills. Walked recoveries (one min).  Followed with a 1.5 mi cool down jog, then another 0.5 mi walk (which I NEVER include in my totals, all my totals are running, with the exception of the walking recoveries!) to try to make my hamstring happy.  I had hoped to push the hills higher, but my hamstring wasn’t having it.

- #Plankaday – elbows on bosu

bosu plank

Thursday, 3/14 – (My baby turned 4!) – TM progression run – 5.1 miles – 47:55 min – started at a 9:40 pace, ended at an 8:49 pace.  These are my favorite runs but I could tell I was fatigued (my heart rate was indicating that as well!) Bonus, that a friend showed up on the TM next to me so we “chatted” (as much as I could while trying to up my speed!) for 3 of the miles.

- #Plankaday – elbow plank


What I saw when I came into the childcare room after my Workout! LOL Love this kid!

What I saw when I came into the childcare room after my Workout! LOL Love this kid!

Friday, 3/15 – Taught SPIN class – we’re in Periodization and it was the last week of Strength so we climbed ONE hill for over 31 minutes!

Saturday, 3/16 – Rest day – My oldest had her Swim State Championships this day.  She participated in 5 events, 2 relays and 3 individuals and she PRed in 2 of her individual events!  Their team also won the Championship for the 3rd time in 4 years!

Sunday, 3/18 – 18 miles!!! 2:53:05 – I was SOOOO nervous for this run!  But in hindsight, I can see it was a pretty decent run.  Some improvements could’ve been made – like not getting lost!
(Note: The following ramblings are more for my records, but maybe it’ll have some valuable tidbits in there for others as well!)

I woke up about a 1/2 hour later than I had anticipated (read: the kids didn’t wake me!) so I hopped out of bed and had breakfast right away: a Chobani strawberry/banana Greek yogurt and 2/3 of a plain bagel with cream cheese and a cup of water.  I then laid down in bed again!  LOL  After finally figuring out what to wear for running 3 hours in a feels like 16* situation I went back downstairs to fill my fuel belt.  I added a little Vitamin water zero to each of my water bottles so the water inside them wouldn’t freeze.  I filled the pouch with raisins, ENERGYbits, and a few Gu chomps.  (Note: I’m transitioning myself off the Gu and hope to be exclusively using REAL foods to fuel my runs!) A little after two hours after eating, I took 30 ENERGYbits and I was ready to go on my first 18 mile run in 12 years!  Scary? Understatement. I stopped at about 59 minutes and took 10 more ENERGYbits.  I was still feeling pretty good but wanted to keep up with nutrition before fatigue set in.  At about 2 hours I stopped again (these stops are all of 30 seconds, and yes, I pause my Garmin!) and took another 10.  I had taken my mittens off around mile 3 but oddly needed them back on around mile 12! I continued on (yes, I had eaten some raisins and maybe 3 or 4 Gu chomps as well at this point) and around mile 14.5 I wanted to be done.  My hamstring had been bothering me the whole way and it was starting to affect my gait and my knee felt like it was swelling.  I did some weird looking strides trying to “shake it out” and apparently whatever goofy thing I did helped because the swelling seemed to disappear (or maybe it wasn’t ever there?!).  At mile 15 I was lost.  I had looked at a map to add 2 miles to my 16 mile route from last week.  The road’s name I had in my head was not on the sign at the intersection so I kept going straight… to a dead end.  I was so irritated.  Here I stopped and hunched over like I had just finished a full 26.2 miles.  ”What am I doing?” came into my head followed by a serious rush to just do it and be done.  I know what I’m doing… I’m working toward a goal… and I’ve come this far… I have under 3 miles to go.  I took about 5 more ENERGYbits and headed out guessing which way I should turn – I went up hill… about 0.5 mile until I asked some walkers if I was heading toward “X” road to which they replied, “you’re heading the complete opposite way.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  Ugh.  So now I had to turn around AND do mental math to figure out which way to go.  I ended up just back tracking and continuing on my course from last week.  The good thing was I had a nice stretch of downhill.  ”I kept repeating to myself “3 more miles, just a 5K” and trudged on.  I finally determined I would actually have more distance to get home (not by much) and maybe I should tough it out and run all the way home.  I didn’t.  I was BEAT.  My husband commented “wow – you hit 18 exactly?  Not 18-point-something?”  Ha!  No way.  I was watching that Garmin like a hawk at the end!  I had a 0.3 mile walk home which was nice for the body but boy did I get cold quickly!  I was shivering by the time I walked in the door!  I had some water and a Clif Energy bar (seems weird, right?  I don’t love eating after exercise but always do; and these bars settle well in my stomach and have some protein and carbs so I don’t  feel like I have to eat a full on meal or drink a whole shake.)  I stretched, and then did the dreaded ice bath.

Here’s the rest of the day in pics…


My Mizuno Nirvanas did right by me.

HR 18 miles

I think I did fairly well keeping my heart rate steady and in the 75th percentile.You can certainly see the 3 places I stopped and fueled! Love that my HR recovers so quickly.

profile 18 miles

There are pros and cons to having most of the hills near the end of the route.

A couple hours after my run.

A couple hours after my run.

Maybe 5 hours after my lunch.  (And yes, I had some chocolate in between!)

Maybe 5 hours after my lunch. (And yes, I had some chocolate in between!)

Above is my absolute favorite way to eat a Sweet Potato!


If you have read all of this – I APPRECIATE YOU!!!  And wish you oodles of enjoyment, good eats, and even getting  a little lost once in a while in your fitness endeavors!

What do you prefer?  Hills in the beginning or ending of your long route and why?




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3 Responses to Tuesday Totals…

  • Raina says:

    Your son is adorable!! Mine love to dress up too- can’t keep them out of the costume box :)

    Well done on your 18 miler! It’s hard to eat right after a hard run for me too, but I usually can down something liquid. The food looks incredible :)

    Best wishes with your training. I came over from Twitter :)

  • Nice job!!! I think we all would be feeling a little bit better about our 18 and 20 mile runs right now if we didn’t have to wear so many stinkin’ layers! :)

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