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A Confession…

I love Subway Surfer on my iphone SUGAR.  Specifically… chocolate.  I think of it and want some EVERY day.  But I am picky in the kind of sugar I crave.  If I had to guess, when my mind starts derailing and thinking only of eating something sweet these are generally what I think about…

1. Plain chocolate – dark and milk

Blocks of chocolate

 Image Source: (and a quick read on healthy foods to help satisfy a sugar craving)


2. Ghirardelli chocolate chips

ghirardelli chips

3. peanut butter and chocolate (no, not the PB cups, real PB and chocolate together!)


 Image Source: Pinterest

4. Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream


Image Source: Wegman’s

So, ya, numbers one and two are pretty much the same thing, oh well.  At least you know I’m serious in my quest for chocolate that hasn’t been messed with!  I don’t want cheesecake, cupcakes, cake, cannolis, whipped cream, ring dings, twinkies, etc.  However, I have been known to eat 5 Samoas (think Girl Scout cookies) in 30 seconds okay, maybe like 60 seconds, but I know you’re picking up what I’m putting down.  I know I’m not a dog, but I do love treats!  I just need to stop rewarding myself these treats for things like “making it to 4 pm in a given day” and “successfully putting the kids to bed on time.”  I mean, yes, those are great milestones every day, but really?

And with all this marathon training I’ve been doing the sugar cravings have been stronger than usual and I’m getting worse and worse at resisting.  Examples? I thought about a peanut butter and fluff sandwich for 4 hours straight the other day.  I finally had one at 4 pm… and then another dinner a couple hours later.  A few weeks ago my husband rolled his eyes as he saw me grabbing the bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips from the pantry.  He knew what was going on in my head.  No, I didn’t make cookies (although I do make great chocolate chip cookies with these chocolate chips if I can say so myself!) or chocolate chip pancakes or brownies with chocolate chips (yum!).  I ate the chips straight out of the bag for days until they were gone.

So, as a result of these cravings I’ve actually put ON a couple of pounds during the last month even as my mileage has increased.  Not good.  Added pounds are only going to make me slower and make me have to work harder to complete the 26.2 miles on April 28th in Nashville.

In comes a friend from Twitter, Laura, of  Her post caught my eye within seconds:


the last word from her tweet: accountability.

the last word from her tweet: accountability.


YES! YES! YES!   By the way, I almost said ‘no’ because she posted with it a picture of a peanutbutter/chocolate pie.  Cruel, I tell ya!

So, now I’m in.  I’ve accepted Laura’s challenge for next week.  You can choose to go hard core (no bread, no energy bars, etc) or soft core and just avoid the extra sugars like the sweet treats I mentioned above.  So I went soft core  (eh, that doesn’t sound good.  I want my core to be rock hard! anywhooo…) when I signed up.  I don’t really believe in giving up a whole food group (grains) and I really do need carbs for my marathon training and teaching at the gym (we all do!).  Oh, and I also LOVE my Clif Energy bars – they’re deelish, easy on my tummy before my workouts, and my go to breakfast on the run.  But I digress. I am psyched to be in the company of other great Tweeps and see how one week of NO EXTRA SWEETS (basically getting back to normal eating) will affect not only the number on the scale, but my running, fatigue, etc.  Sugar causes inflammation in your body which upsets your blood chemistry, weakening our immune system. (source for previous statement)  Sugar does A LOT to your body and hardly any of it is good.  But you already know that.

Want more info?  Click on some of the links I’ve provided above and/or…

Sign up for the one week sugar detox here (great prizes are up for grabs!) on Laura’s blog.

Laura gave some tips on how to curb the sugar cravings here.  My favorite tip of Laura’s is to stock up on the sweet veggies and fruits.  I love this because I already do!  You know, red peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.


Image Source (and a great article on understanding and curbing your sugar cravings):

So that’s it.  There’s my confession… I love sugar and could desperately use a little detox!  Now excuse me, I need to go play another game of Subway Surfer.

Question: Do you have any confessions you’d like to share?


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