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I’ve been Powered by Bits….I want you to be too!!

Some of you may or may not know that during my marathon training for Nashville (coming up this Saturday!) I became an ambassador for Energy Bits.  I did so because I tested their product for a while and loved it. (Read here for some more reasons why I love Energy Bits.)  Now I’m just about finished up this round of training and have more thoughts on why I love them:

1) I just plain feel better when I take them every day.  More alert.  More with it.  More energized.

2) I no longer take vitamin supplements.  Energy Bits have everything you need (except for D3) and their all natural and easily absorbed.  Plus, the body absorbs way more of the nutrients in Bits than supplements because they’re a natural food source.

3) Everyone I’ve shared the Energy Bits with have enjoyed them.  I’m serious.

4) I take Bits even on a rest day.

5) I love that I haven’t felt hungry on a single 20 mile run (and I’ve done 3 of them, plus ran 15.5 miles after teaching an hour SPIN class).

6) The clarity of mind has been refreshing.  (This isn’t to say I don’t sometimes get in my own head during a run.  I’m a runner. Of course I do from time to time.)

7) I can’t help but sound like a commercial for them when I talk to others about them.  Sorry about that.

8) I’ve figured out how to easily take them while continuing to run!

9) My overall fatigue level has drastically improved.  I know this is fact.  In January I had a goal to run 100 miles.  By mid January I was feeling exhausted every night.  This lasted for weeks.  I tried Energy Bits mid February I believe and can honestly say I haven’t dragged in the same way I did in January and I ran 133 miles in March (33 more than January!).  So do I believe Energy Bits helped me with this?  Absolutely.

10) And this one is more for women… you know you need more iron 12 times a year, right?  I’ve noticed a huge difference there as well!  Without getting in TMI mode… they help that too.  Email me with questions!

Okay, okay.  So I’ll stop sounding like a crazy advertisement and get to the good stuff!

ENERGYbits has agreed to give away another sample for one of you to try.  And I’m upping the ante and adding another sample of ENERGYbits from me AND a sample of RECOVERYbits!

So, up for grabs:

- 2 samples of ENERGYbits

- 1 sample of RECOVERYbits

- AND something fun I find at the Run Rock n Roll Expo in Nashville this weekend!

What do you have to do to win?

Leave a comment GUESSING MY FINISH TIME FOR MY MARATHON!  Because honestly, your guess is as good as mine! LOL

I’ve recapped all my training for you so you can look back at those to help you guess.


- Time must be guessed in hours:minutes:seconds.

- Comments must be received by 3 am EST Saturday morning (4/27).

- Person who comes closest without going over wins, in event of a tie –  the names will be placed in a hat (literally) and one winner will be drawn.

- Winner will be announced when I return from Nashville and am functioning again. :-)

Good Luck!

(Duffel bag not included in giveaway.)

(Duffel bag not included in giveaway.)

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