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Coming Back from Injury

Why am I talking about coming back from an injury/surgery?  That’s easy.  I’m currently doing just that!  Let’s go back… in the summer of 2006 I was stepping out of the back of a friends minivan after buckling up her two children and my two girls.  As I stepped out “POP – holy cow – what the *^#$? – that hurt” happened.  Long story short I partially herniated a disc.  (L5/S1 to be exact.) I didn’t fully realize this until the next morning when my husband had to help me get out of bed (read: I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried with all my might to stand up as he pulled me up and I yelled in pain).  I passed out, remained unconscious for a minute and the morning ended with an ambulance ride to the hospital.  An MRI confirmed a partially herniated disc.  (To anyone who has fully herniated a disc – I’m sorry.  I can’t imagine what that pain feels like.  I have naturally birthed four children and I think this partially herniated disc was the worst pain of my life.)

Fast forward to May 7th.  I taught my normal strength class that morning.  I had run the Country Music Marathon just 10 days earlier.  I think I was in decent shape is my point.  Throughout the day these thoughts went through my head “huh, I must’ve worked a lot of back today”, “wow, my back is sore”, “damn, I think I pulled a muscled in my back”, “crap, I think I partially herniated the disc again.  Tomorrow morning isn’t going to be pretty.”  I was right.  The next morning wasn’t pretty.  Another MRI (this time my dad and husband were able to get me into the back of my husband’s car, lying on my side) confirmed I did partially herniate the same disc.  Thankfully it wasn’t nearly as far bulging as in 2006.

So, that’s my injury.  That’s what I’m coming back from… let’s chat tonight about how I’m getting back to running and fitness with plans for a half marathon this fall.  For those of you who have dealt with serious injuries/surgeries I would LOVE to hear your tips and advice as well!

#PoweredbyBits chat Tonight.  July 9, 2013  9 pm EST.  Hosted by ENERGYbits and ME! (@apprecfitness)  Hope to see you there!

And for those who participate you’ll have a chance to win a free sample of ENERGYbits!

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