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About Me

Hi!  My name is Katherine and I can’t help but be active.  I live in NH with my 4 great children and my very supportive, very active husband.  (He runs too!)

Like I said, I’ve always been active.  Overall, I danced from a toddler all the way through college and a tiny bit beyond college.  I did ballet, tap, jazz, modern and loved all of it!  I even had dreams of being a Rockette one day! LOL  I also tried softball and basketball in 3rd grade.  LOL  Even writing that makes me giggle.  I was terrible.  My dad likes to remind me how I would stand (literally and figuratively) in left field with my legs crossed looking all around, watching butterflies, letting the ball come to me and right by me and never even chasing after it.  A teammate would come and get the ball.  To say I was clueless was apparently an understatement!
Anyway, I dabbled in gymnastics, fell in love with cheerleading and did that for a bit.

When I was 17, a junior in high school, I became an ACE certified fitness instructor. (Ya, okay, back then we were called aerobic instructors, but that’s dating myself, so whatever…) I taught step, strength, and hi/lo aerobics classes at a local gym.  I continued teaching through college.  I taught on campus for faculty, for sports teams, and off campus at a World’s Gym.  During my summers I would regularly find a local gym at which to teach (every gym needs sub instructors!).  After college I became a  ”Slide” certified instructor.  (WHO on Earth remembers THAT? LOL)  Right before having our first child I stopped teaching fitness classes.  I took almost 10 years off as an instructor and recently got back into the “club scene” when our youngest was born (3 1/2 years ago).

Not often you get 4 smiles at the same time!

Throughout all of this I ran.  Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, never fast.  Pre-kids I ran my first 5K, half marathon, and full marathon all within a year of each other.  I trained for a second full marathon and two weeks before the race, in my second 20 mile run I had to call for a ride home.  My knee was done and I needed surgery.  Between pregnancies I ran a bit here and there, even working myself back up to a comfortable 8 mile jaunt, then got pregnant again.  LOL

Well now that I’m done (yes, really) having children I am back to running and fitness.  I’m now an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor and a SPIN (R) Certified Instructor.  Since having children, I’ve done 4 half marathons and many other 5K and 10K races.  I’ve been back instructing at a great health club for almost 3 years now and loving being active in the fitness world once again.

This blog is simply a rambling of my experiences and findings along the way of running, working out, camaraderie in the club and on the roads,  attempting to eat healthy, show my kids my passions and help foster an APPRECIATION for FITNESS.

Me finishing the NH 10 miler, Sept 2012.

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