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Race History

So, I’m not sharing these on here because I’m fast! Not at all!  But I am proud of any run/race I’ve completed and have a TERRIBLE memory so I need to write down anything I want to remember.  I mean anything! (Yes, I have to really stop and think about my babies birth weights! My memory is THAT bad! And don’t even bother to ask me how long they were at birth! Ha!)

And no, these aren’t all the races I’ve done.  These are the ones that I was, of course, able to remember and look up! LOL



First Run (Jan 1st) Lowell 10K 55:39 (8:50 pace) 10K PR

Millennium Mile (Jan 1st) “ran” with my son on my shoulders!

Shamrock Shuffle (3/24) 2 miles 16:27:44 (8:14 pace) 2 mile PR – Ha! Only 2 mile race done! (But I ran 20 miles the day before, so I’m pretty proud of it!)

Nashville Country Music Marathon (4/27) Poured the entire race. 4:42

Partially herniated disc (5/7)

Reach the Beach Relay MA (5/16 & 5/17) Leg 1: 8 .55 miles 1:20:42 (9:26 pace) Leg 2: 3.46 miles 29:37 (8:34 pace) Leg 3: 8.14 miles 1:16:19 (9:23 pace)


Haslaw 5K (7/3) – 27:19 (8:42 pace)




Millennium Mile (Jan 1st)

Fourth of July Fun Run

Bill Kelley 10K 56:22 (9:05 pace)

NH 10 miler 1:43:15 (used as a training run)

Reach the Beach Relay NH

Manchester City Half Marathon 2:00:47 (9:13 pace)   PR for Half Marathon I hope to break 2 hrs in 2013!

All Women’s Half 2:04:50 (9:24 pace)

5K Turkey Trot 26:10 (8:22 pace) PR for a 5K post kids!

Santa’s Shuffle

I Survived the End of the World 4 miler 34:28(8:37 pace) PR for a 4 miler – HA! It’s the only 4 miler I’ve raced!



Great Bay Half Marathon 2:05:13 (9:31 pace)

Londonderry Old Home Day 5K 26:42 (8:35 pace)

NH 10 miler 1:37:03 (9:43 pace) an unexpectedly hilly course!

Reach the Beach Relay NH

Smuttynose Half Marathon 2:02:39 (9:22 pace)



Bill Kelley 5K 28:06 (9:03 pace)

Londonderry Old Home Day 5K 27:35 (8:52 pace)


BEFORE KIDS - these were sooo long ago I don’t even think they count anymore! (I had my first child in May 2003 and my last in March 2009.)



10th annual Cigna 5K   29:03 (9:21 pace) (I found out a few days later I was pregnant with DD 1 which was really great to hear since I had unexpectedly peed my pants (shorts) around mile 2!  Aaaah, the beauty of running!)



Nashua Run for Food and Shelter 28:38 (9:10 pace) – My first ever organized race.  I didn’t even own a running watch so this is gun time only.  This race definitely holds a special place in my heart as I absolutely adore the woman who encouraged me to enter this race and we ran some of it together.  Thank you Anne Marie!

8th annual Cigna 5K  25:44 (8:17 pace) 5K PR

Applefest Half Marathon 2:02:12 (9:20 pace)

Ocean State Marathon 4:33:07 (10:25 pace) PR as it’s my one and only marathon!







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